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All Alfonzo Ashei Aveil Blade Brothers Captain Stalfos Colin Crenel Hermit Dark Link Darpa Dazzle Lyphos Death Sword Demise Eagus Fierce Deity Link Ganon Garo Master Gerudo Warrior Ghanti Ghirahim Gramps Grayblade Greatblade Grimblade Hero of Men Hero of the Four Sword Hero's' Spirit Hylia's' Chosen Hero Igos du Ikana Jermafenser Jolene Karuna King Daltus King's' Lackeys Knight of Hyrule Link Link's' Father Link's' Uncle Links Master Stalfos Niko Orca Orville Osun Phantom Ganon Possessed Zelda Prince Facade Ralph Rescue Knight Richard Link's' Awakening Rioma River Man Royal Guard Rusl Russell Scarblade Segre Shadow Link Sir Combsly Sir Raven Smith Soldier Splitblade Stalblind Sturgeon Swiftblade Swiftblade I Swordsman Tetra Toon Link Toon Zelda Vaati Vicente Waveblade Young Link Zant Zeu.
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48 Link's' character is always depicted as a fearless hero and a symbol" of courage" who is willing to protect Hyrule for the sake of others. Link's' relationships with the other main characters has been a defining aspect of the series. Within the fictional lore, Ganon, Zelda and Link represent three pieces of the Triforce, with Ganon representing Power, Zelda representing Wisdom and Link representing Courage.
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