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a strategy of doing sth The airline is now reaping the rewards from its strategy of cutting seat numbers and focusing on higher-paying business passengers. develop/design/produce a strategy Companies must develop strategies for adapting their brands to changing trends in the marketplace.
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A version of this article appeared in the NovemberDecember 1996 issue of Harvard Business Review. Read more on Strategy or related topics Competitive strategy, Strategic planning and Leadership. For HBR Subscribers. Must Reads on Strategy. HBRs definitive articles on competitive strategy will help you and your organization develop a strategic plan in todays rapidly changing landscape.
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Finance Myopia in a Systems Business. Strategy Execution Case Study. This short case describes the tensions that often arise between finance executives attempting to curtail unproductive activities and strategy executives. November 02, 2009. Five Guys: Developing a Promotional Strategy for the Future.
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Rumelt wrote in 2011 that three important aspects of strategy include premeditation, the anticipation of others'' behavior, and the purposeful design of coordinated actions" He described strategy as solving a design problem, with trade-offs among various elements that must be arranged, adjusted and coordinated, rather than a plan or choice.
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Strategy at the business unit level is concerned with competing successfully in individual markets, and it addresses the question, How" do we win in this market" However, this strategy needs to be linked to the objectives identified in the corporate level strategy.
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1779, in the meaning defined at sense 1a 1. History and Etymology for strategy. Greek stratēgia generalship, from stratēgos. Learn More About strategy. Post the Definition of strategy to Facebook Share the Definition of strategy on Twitter Time Traveler for strategy.

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